Let’s talk about senior year.

It’s the last year of high school (obviously, Katie), and it closes and opens a chapter of life. It closes a chapter where you discover what you want to do with your life and also a chapter where half the time you’re figuring out who you really are. On the other hand, it begins a new chapter where one meets new and interesting people, gains more perspectives, moves away from home, and becomes more responsible and independent.

While at school, I wish away the days and think about the next step. I think about being done with AP exams (but still doing well on them) and walking across that stage that marks a new stage of life. However, when I am with my family and friends, I find myself cherishing these moments and wishing that the days did not go by so quickly.

There is a verse that comes to mind when thinking about senioritis and being a “second-semester senior.” “This is the day that the Lord has made: let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24. This verse reminds me to hold onto the moments that I still have with my family at home.  I am reminded to avoid wishing away the remaining times that I have with friends-not only those who are going across the Atlantic to embark on their next four years but also the ones who are going to be just two hours away.

While in AP Literature and Composition (love you Mrs. Rubin), we always talk about the upcoming senior events such as the Senior-Parent Dinner, Baccalaureate, and, of course, Commencement. We also talk about next school year and when we will come visit our old school. Mrs. Rubin said that she had a student come into a class full of seniors a few years ago and say, “Don’t wish it away, because it goes by so fast.”


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