Don’t you miss having an up-to-date pictorial directory where you can connect names to faces and check contact info?  We are scratching the old glossy cover, beautiful pictures of the church property, it’s buildings, etc.  This one will be simple but functional.  We will have photos and contact information and produce it in-house. Hard copies will be available, and it will also be uploaded to the church website. No appointments and no portraits to order!

Carmen Anderson will be set up in room 102 on the ground level the next four Sundays.  When you show up to have your picture made, you will find your name in our updated contact list, make any corrections that are necessary and then check off your name. Then have two quick photos made and be on your way! If someone cannot be here on those times, there are two other options to have photos in the directory. You may submit a jpeg file photo to the church office. For those who may be homebound, Carmen will go to you to take your photo. It will be great to have an updated directory so let’s make this happen!

Photo Times:

September 16: After worship and after the congregational lunch

September 23, 30, and October 4: 8:45 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

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