Our church recently celebrated Ash Wednesday as the beginning day of Lent, the 40 days prior to Easter.  After the choir and congregation sang, our pastor led us in devotional thoughts preparatory to receiving our crosses made of ash. Near the end of the service, a few minutes of silence were observed for prayer – confessing our great brokenness by sin and our great gratitude to God for His loving mercy and forgiving grace.

In connection with this silence, I would like to consider some of the sounds of Jesus’ last days before his crucifixion and resurrection – sounds indicative of the deep emotions and life- changing commitments at play at that time.  Focus on listening with me to some of the sounds of that long ago Eastertime.

Lord’s Supper

* cups and dishes clinking

* soft murmurs of companions engaging in conversation

* hymns sung

* sorrowful tones of Jesus as He told of Judas’ betrayal and Peter’s denial


* instructions then reprimands of Jesus to His disciples to watch and pray

* soft snores of Peter, James, and John as they slept

* clanks of armor and swords as soldiers approached

* sharp cry of soldier as his ear was severed by Peter

* multiple footsteps as Jesus was led off to face accusers


*Jesus’short, muted answers, full of conviction, to the high priests’ questions

* sounds of slapping, spitting, and jeering of observers

* Peter’s three denials of Christ and the jarring sound of the rooster’s crow


* angry accusations of chief priests and elders

* conciliatory tones of Pilate as he gave a choice of prisoner to be released

* Loud demands for Barabbas to be freed and for Jesus to be crucified

* water poured as Pilate tries to wash away his involvement

Jesus Prepared by Soldiers

* scraping sound of crown of thorns forced on Jesus’ brow

* spitting, body blows, mocking taunts, insults, and whip lashes

Jesus on Cross

* anguished cries of Jesus as He spoke to His Father from his excruciating position

* tearing sound of curtain in temple as it ripped from top to bottom

* earth shaking, rocks splitting, and tombs breaking open

Burial of Jesus

* silence of the tomb after Jesus was wrapped and laid within it

* harsh scrape of the stone rolled across the face of tomb to secure its contents

Jesus Risen

* the quick patter of the feet of the two Marys who were unable to stay away from the tomb of their Lord

* joyful cries as they raced to share the wonderful news of the empty tomb.

Present Day

So far beyond the sounds of Easter dinner conversations, Easter egg hunts, and unwrapping of Easter candy, we pass through the days of Lent and mentally walk with Jesus and His very real, very human disciples and friends.  Let us be reminded of the great God-directed events as they unfolded culminating in that glorious Easter morning when our hearts and souls cry out, “HE IS RISEN!, HALLELUJAH!,  OUR CHRIST IS TRULY ALIVE!”

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