Beginning on Sunday, March 4, a new women’s Bible study facilitated by Betty Sexton and Regina Bodiford will be offered during the Sunday school hour.  This class grew out of discussions related to our Dawnings initiatives last year, especially those focused on building connections through Christian hospitality.  Both among our members as well as with those not connected to us, we are offering a class where we can reach out to those among us who are not currently in a Sunday school group, as well as to those who just would like to be a part of a women’s study. Everyone is welcome.


The focus of this three-month study will be growing in faith by answering Jesus’ invitation to follow him.  For this study, we will take a journey with him and each other using Lana Marler’s book, Follow Me. Lana has graciously donated her book as well as her CD of beautiful songs that accompany the lessons; it will be available in the church office.


Please email us if you would like to join us as we strengthen our relationships with Jesus and each other through a study of God’s word: or


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