July 15-20, Helena, Arkansas

This summer our youth will be returning to Helena, Arkansas and working with Together for Hope Arkansas (TFHAR) for their summer mission trip. Students and adults from Second Baptist will join students and adults from other churches across the U.S. in a program called the All Church Challenge (ACC). Serving opportunities through the ACC include leading Bible camps for kids, ages 3-12, teaching swimming lessons, repairing homes, working in community gardens and more. ACC volunteers work alongside local volunteers to help fuel community interaction, growth and understanding. If you have questions, are interested in learning more or available to help chaperone this trip, please contact Daniel Johnson at djohnson@2ndmemphis.org. Parents with younger children please know you can consider bringing your children and chaperoning. Your children can attend the VBS/Swim camp while you are serving.  Please pray for our youth and adults who will be serving Christ this summer alongside TFHAR.


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