It seems the older I get, the shorter my attention span and the less I remember.  Sometimes I need my telephone landline to locate where I absentmindedly left my mobile phone!  Twenty -three years ago when I found myself to be a widowed, single parent, I was able by concentrating  to juggle my teaching job, household, two teen-agers’ needs and schedules and the help needed by my elderly parents and in-law.  No longer is this type of multi-tasking possible for me.

In 2016 the famous chessmaster Timor Gareyev was able to simultaneously play 48 chess matches blindfolded by moving down the line of opponents and their chessboards, making one move, passing on to the next game, and then repeating.  He won 35 matches, had seven draws and six losses, and established a new world record.  This indicated that Gareyev remembered and strategized all 48 games at once.  He had a phenomenal attention span and concentration level.

God Knows Every Detail

As impressive a feat as this was, there is no detail in the world that God is not aware of, interested in and concerned about.  The Bible tells us in Matt. 10:29-30 that God even has the hairs  on our head numbered and knows when an insignificant sparrow falls.  When God created the world, He made different colors and textures, different shapes of animals, and different forms of matter. He saw that His creation was good (Gen. 1).

God can use the tiniest item for His purposes.  In the book, The Hiding Place, the story is told of Corrie Ten Boom, her family, and their imprisonment in World War II.  Their place of confinement was infested with fleas.  The guards hated the fleas so badly that their contact with the prisoners was minimal.  These circumstances made it possible for the Ten Booms and others to have Bible study and worship together while their guards stayed away from the annoying flea bites.

People are considered to be the pinnacle of God’s complex creations.  Muscles, joints, tendons, blood, heart and multitudinous systems work together to sustain life. Trained doctors can help when problems arise.  God loves us and is concerned with each thought, action, hurt, and disappointment of His Beloved children.  No detail is too small for His attention.

God Acts in Our Lives

February 22 is a special day for me, and I want to tell why as an example of God’s great attention and grace to one of his children.

On that date, seventy-one years ago, my (adoptive) parents, good people in their mid-forties, kept an appointment with Georgia Tann (nicknamed the baby thief).  Too old to qualify for standard adoption, they resorted to purchasing a baby to complete their family.  Ms. Tann met them at the door and showed them the “perfect” baby boy she had chosen for them, but they were distracted by the pitiful crying from the baby in the corner bassinet.  The baby (yes, you guessed it; it was me) was literally tongue-tied, covered with a rash and, was as later discovered, crying from allergies to cow’s milk that caused both hunger and stomach pains.  God paid attention to a tiny scrap of a baby and two loving individuals, pairing them to make a family.

God is eternal, omnipotent and omniscient, aware of the minutiae of this world and in control of our lives.  One of my favorite cartoons by Bill Keane, the Family Circus, shows a little girl asking, “God’s not planning on retiring any time soon, is He?”

No Dolly, not only will God not retire, He will remain in control of the world and all that is in it, as long as it exists.  God’s attention span is infinite.  Nothing  has ever or will ever escape His attention and care, and I, for one, am grateful.

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