Hurricane Dorian Response and Relief: Ways We Can Share

An Update from Our Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Ministry Partners

Below are updated ways to pray, serve and give to stand alongside our Bahamian sisters and brothers. 

Please pray for the people of Abaco and Grand Bahama. There are still many people who are missing and unaccounted for.

Please pray for those in the Bahamas like Rachael Johnson who are beginning the incomprehensible task of finding friends and loved ones, assessing damage, providing help, giving thanks for what was saved and grieving what was lost.

Please pray for those who have begun planning and preparing for the days, weeks, months and years after the storm.

Teams will be needed to support the disaster response efforts in the Bahamas. Please consider how you and your congregation might engage in this ministry. CBF Disaster Response will communicate regarding volunteer opportunities as soon as that information is available.

Check the CBF blog and CBF Disaster Response webpage for regular updates. Follow CBF on Facebook here.

Please consider supporting the work of CBF Disaster Response today with a special gift. CBF Disaster Response will need to purchase equipment and tools for rebuilding homes and churches as well as additional chlorine generators for water purification, among other needed items.

Give your gift today at

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