Serving Memphis

At Second, we develop partnerships and invest in ministries that invite us to be a part of God’s mission in the world.

We believe these partnerships lead to mutual transformation and help foster community among our church, the organizations we serve, and our neighbors. In Memphis, we partner with the following organizations and ministries.

Brinkley Heights Ministries

Brinkley Heights Ministries have programs that meet the physical, social, educational, economic, and spiritual needs of people living in the Brinkley Heights area. Emergency ministries include a clothes closet, food pantry, and spiritual counseling program. In addition, the Brinkley Heights Urban Academy (BHUA) is a private Christian School for at-risk inner-city children and the Street Reach program coordinates 9-14 summer day camps spread across three neighborhoods serving over 2,200 inner-city youth ages 3-14.

Individuals can support Brinkley Heights Ministries by volunteering at the ministry center or by tutoring students from the Urban Academy. Throughout the year, Second collects food and clothing for Brinkley Heights. Collection containers are located outside the church office. In the fall, Second has an intentional collection for new socks called Sock Sabbath and in the spring, we have an intentional collection of new underwear called Undie Sunday. There is also a Christmas toy drive in December and school supply drive in July.

Thistle & Bee

Thistle & Bee, is now housed here on our campus. As part of a residential program, the women of Thistle & Bee make the pumpkin spice granola that is available to purchase. These women also produce candles, soaps, and gift sets that include honey from the bees that they care for. Check out their mission and find more info at

Our mission is to help women survivors of prostitution, trafficking, and addiction thrive. The women in the Thistle & Bee program are breaking the cycle of poverty and multi-system failure that has brought us to a place where sex trafficking and prostitution are at an unprecedented high.  Our model works and we would love your support.

The Heights Neighborhood

“The Heights” is a general name for the area covering the Highland Heights, Graham Heights, Mitchell Heights and Brinkley Heights neighborhoods. At one time, these were thriving neighborhoods. However, in a twenty year period from 1990-2010, the neighborhoods saw a 41% loss in owner occupied housing and a 197% increase in vacant properties. According to the 2010 census data, 32% of residents live below the poverty level.

In recent years, God has opened doors for Second to walk alongside and empower neighbors who live and work in The Heights and who want to improve their neighborhood. Opportunities to meet neighbors and support this work are numerous. Some of them include:

  • Tutoring or working in the gardens at Treadwell Elementary
  • Working on projects or giving financially to The Heights Community Development Corporation which provides quality, affordable housing.
  • Working with neighbors in local community gardens and street cleanup projects
  • Becoming at mentor for students through Streets Ministries
  • Meeting with and praying for neighborhood leaders

Christmas Baskets

In December, our deacon ministry coordinates the sorting and delivery of over 100 baskets of food to individuals and families throughout Memphis.  Second works with  ministry friends and partners to identify recipients.

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