Toward Being Vigorous Christians

in a Challenging World

facilitated by Burt Waller

Sunday School Handouts

Toward Being Vigorous Christians in a Challenging World is a particularly relevant topic in today’s rapidly changing American culture.  As recently as 1990, only 5% of Americans self-identified as non-religious.  By the 2010s, that number grew to 23% of all adults and 34% of adults under 30. This study will use scripture passages from Hebrews as the basis of looking at topics such as faith through obedience; moving toward obedience; encouraging others; and faithfulness/faithful living. We will use weekly readings and study questions to focus group discussion on the messages from Hebrews and their relevance in a rapidly secularizing society.

This seven-week study and discussion relies derived from materials originally published in  HEBREWS: A CALL FOR RIGOROUS FAITHFULNESS. 

January 8, 2023   Lesson 1
Don’t Miss God’s Message in His Son            Hebrews 1:1–6, 14; 2:1–4
January 15, 2023      Lesson 2
Confirm Real Faith By Obedience                     Hebrews 3:7—4:13
January 22, 2023      Lesson 3
Rely Firmly on Christ                                Hebrews 4:14—5:10
January 29, 2023      Lesson 4
Move On Toward Maturity                       Hebrews 5:11—6:12
February 5, 2023      Lesson 5
Draw Near, Hold Fast, Encourage Others       Hebrews 10:19–39
February 12, 2023      Lesson 6
Keep On Being Faithful          Hebrews 11:1–2, 32–40; 12:1–3, 12–17
February 19, 2023      Lesson 7
Don’t Resist God’s Call to Faithful Living      Hebrews 12:25—13:9

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